Sometimes You Have to Stand Up for What You Know Will Be Great

My parents and my husband’s parents are very conservative when it comes to tradition. My husband and I are very much the opposite. When we were planning our wedding, both of our mothers did their best to try to take over our wedding plans. My husband and I quickly put a stop to that. For example, we wanted to do something less traditional that fits our personalities. We had our hearts set on an old-fashioned circus theme, and we also wanted to hire Neb Magician in London for our wedding reception after we had seen him do an amazing performance on a television show.

My mother was taken aback when I told her about the plan for our wedding reception. She really wanted us to have the event at the local country club. The thought of a celebration at a stuffy club sounded downright boring to me. Then, my husband’s mom was upset when she learned that we would be holding the actual ceremony outdoors instead of inside a traditional church. I knew that both of these wonderful ladies were living out their own dreams, but it was important for them to understand that we wanted a day that would be both classy and unique on our own terms.

Having an outdoor event was perfect for us because it meant that the wedding and the reception could take place outside without anyone needing to deal with transportation between two separate venues. It also meant that the ceremony could be held outdoors at sundown and the reception could be held under the stars at night. This took place at a beautiful vineyard that we chose. We set up bright-colored tents outside with sparkling lights. The magician we hired did an excellent job for our guests and people talked about his performance all night long.