Ordering Invitations Proved to Be Easy

I knew that I wanted to order the invitations to my wedding from an online retailer. There are a few printers in town who provide this type of service, but I also knew that their prices were quite high. I had been comparing prices to get the best deal, which is how I knew that ordering from https://www.brideandgroomdirect.co.uk/wedding-invitations was the best deal for me. I wanted to save as much money on my wedding as possible so we could spend any extra in our budget on the honeymoon, but I did not want to compromise any quality in the process.

Bride and Groom Direct has a very large assortment of invitation styles, and I thought it would be easy to just go on and pick out a nice design. I was wrong though, but I was happy about that fact. I took my time looking at the different designs, and I finally settled on a rose pocket invitation. The color of my bridesmaids’ gowns is rose, and that is the main color for the flowers too. That I found a rose colored invitation just proved that it was meant to be.

I really love the pocket style of invitation too. When the person gets it in the mail, they will open the outer envelope. They will pull out a pocket card, which simply means that my invitation is inside the pocket. On the outside, our names and hearts are engraved. On the inside, the card has all of the details as well as the RSVP card. It is simple yet elegant, which is exactly what I wanted. The best part is that they are not expensive at all! I actually had twice the budget for invitations that I ended up spending, so I was able to put a nice chunk into our honeymoon fund!