Happy Tuesday book junkies!! New week, new book sales and releases, and boy, some of these sound right up my alley! Like…Mendacious by Beth Ashworth (twisted second chance romance – she left him, their paths cross once again, and he wants revenge against her!!) Sever by J.M. Miller (childhood best friends reconnect again, except with the heroine breaking into the house the hero just bought!), Landslide by Jenn Cooksey (friends-to-lovers romance, plus I love the end quote: “…love is friendship caught on fire.”), Past Heaven by Laura Ward (heroine’s husband is murdered, hero is an actor who plays her husband in a movie, and they fall in love), Word Play by Amalie Silver (romance between a book blogger and author!!), The Vixen & the Vet by Katy Regnery (romance between a journalist and the two hermit who’s a disfigured war veteran), and Throb by Vi Keeland (this sounds like a crazy erotica read! “…I realized the deal I’d made was with the devil…and I was in love with his dirty-talking brother.”<– what??).

As for my reading last week, I have a couple of book recommendations for you! My last read was an uber fun & sexy read called Hero by Samantha Young! I really enjoyed it and highly recommend you preorder it so when it releases in a week, you’ll have it on your device ready to read (here’s my review). More new favorites – Second Debt by Pepper Winters (here’s my review) and Trade Me by Courtney Milan (here’s my review).

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  • Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire <— second book in the Maddox Brothers series –> “If A Maddox boy falls in love, he loves forever. But what if he didn’t love you, first?”
  • The Traveling Man by Jane Harvey Berrick ($.99) <-– This book totally wrecked me! It was one emotional rollercoaster I couldn’t get off of (not sure if I even wanted to). I was so conflicted I didn’t know how to rate it…so I didn’t. (here’s my review) As of now it’s still priced at $.99 but it’ll be changing soon so if you want to read this one, grab it now while it’s still on sale!
  • Sever by J.M. Miller <– on my top TBR!! The hero and heroine were childhood best friends (actually, she saved him from bullies and their friendship grew from there) but eventually the heroine had to move out of town. A few years later when they do reconnect, it’s when she’s given a job to break into the house he just bought. grin emoticon Oh AND!!! –> “[The heroine] discovers that their startling encounter is the least of the night’s problems. There’s someone else in the house, and the only thing on his mind is revenge.”
  • Bound by Flames by Jeaniene Frost <– PNR romance & the third in her Night Prince series!
  • Mendacious by Beth Ashworth <– this one sounds good! It’s a twisted second chance romance. The hero and heroine were once married but the heroine buckled under pressure and left the hero. Fast forward 7 years and their paths cross again, except… –> “an opportunity for revenge presents itself, Alex jumps at the offer. His mind is determined to make Libby feel the pain he has suffered over the last seven years… but his heart and conscience are fiercely battling against him. The love of his life is back once again, but who can win in this mendacious game of revenge?”
  • Cartel by Lili St. Germain <– the first book in her prequel series to the wickedly intense and twisted Gypsy Brothers series! I really enjoyed this one and if you’re in the mood for one wild, fast-paced biker read, this one’s a good choice! (here’s my review)
  • Falling for Jillian by Kristen Proby <— the 3rd book in her Love Under the Big Sky series but can be read as a standalone. It’s a romance featuring “a veteran struggling with PTSD and the one woman who can help him recover—and learn to love again.”
  • The Five Stages of Falling in Love by Rachel Higginson <– this one sounds emotional! The heroine lost her husband and is going through the five stages of grief all while slowly falling for the hero, her next door neighbor!
  • Going the Distance by Julianna Keyes <— This one sounds different – it’s a romance between a teacher and army interrogator turned carpenter in a small town in China!
  • Take Me With You by K.A. Linde <— book 2 in her Take Me series is now live! This is a NA rockstar romance and continues the story told from book 1, so be sure to read that one first!
  • Landslide by Jenn Cooksey <– this one sounds really good – “For Erica and Cole, the bond of friendship was forged in childhood. Now, torn and broken by grief, that bond will become paramount as two friends look to one another for comfort, strength, and hope in the aftermath of loss…Because, for some people…love is friendship caught on fire.” <– LOVE THAT!!
  • Risking It All by Tessa Bailey <– steamy romantic suspense!!
  • Kyland by Mia Sheridan
  • Kick by Carmen Jenner <— first book in her Savage Saints MC series and a biker romance – “When I was ten, my father indoctrinated me into the family. A brotherhood who would fight, protect, and give their lives for one another…When I was twenty-seven, I betrayed that brotherhood. I’ve spent every day since running, avoiding paying back that debt. My name is Daniel Johnson. I have betrayed everyone I ever loved. And I’ll betray her too.”
  • Nepenthe by Lindsay Paige <— sports romance and a standalone in her Bracing for Love series! The hero was once a star football player hoping to make it to the NFL, but those dreams were shattered when he got injured and his brief career ended. He battles depression and has hit his rock bottom – that is, until the feisty and pushy heroine (also his next door neighbor) helps him out of his funk!
  • Throb by Vi Keeland <— sounds really good – “The rules: No dating. No sex outside of the game. No disclosing the terms of the contract. Rules were made to be broken, right?…it wouldn’t be hard to live up to my end of the bargain…so I thought. Until I realized the deal I’d made was with the devil…and I was in love with his dirty-talking brother.” <– say WHAT?gasp emoticon
  • If the Viscount Falls by Sabrina Jeffries <– historical romance!
  • I Was Here by Gayle Forman <– YA mystery/thriller!
  • The Legend of Arturo King by L.B. Dunbar <– rockstar romance!
  • Contractual by Alice Montalvo-Tribue <— sounds good!! “They told me I’d be an escort; they made it sound so easy. Really I’m just a high priced call girl. Desperation brought me to this and it led me to him, my one and only client. Hating him is easy, he reminds me of my shame. Wanting him is wrong it fills me with guilt. Loving him is a losing battle yet it’s become everything. A gift and a curse, he consumes my every thought and I’d rather play my part in his bed than to spend one day without him.”
  • Craving Resurrection by Nicole Jacquelyn <– biker romance!
  • Past Heaven by Laura Ward <– on my top TBR!! The heroine’s entire world falls apart when her renowned husband is murdered and she’s left raising their kids alone. The hero is an actor who plays her husband to memorialize his past accomplishments so naturally they both meet. “They never expected their professional relationship to evolve into friendship, or love, but that’s exactly what happens. [They’re] left to decide whether two people from such different worlds can find happiness together… Not every love story is just a happy ending. Some completely change your life.”
  • A Father’s Fight by J.B. Salsbury <– MMA fighter novella!
  • Second Debt by Pepper Winters <— 3rd installment in her dark & twisted Indebted series and continues Jethro & Nila’s story! I love this series, and this book especially – not to be missed! (here’s my review)
  • Standard Romance Story by Lily White <— this book concept sounds fresh – “Have you ever read a romance novel and wondered what it would be like to date one of the heroes in the stories? We’ve all been lost to the beautiful and touching stories, the funny and quirky antics of the characters, and the, sometimes, unbelievable love stories that fill the pages of those books…Follow Jane as she dates the standard romance guys in an attempt to find true love: The rocker, the biker, the billionaire, the tattooed bad boy, the firefighter, the lawyer, the vampire, the cowboy, the alpha, the teacher, the movie star, the professional athlete, the fighter and the captor.”
  • The Procedure by Tabatha Vargo & Melissa Andrea <— this has my interest!! The heroine plans to undergo plastic surgery in hopes of making herself more beautiful and winning back her husband. The hero is the professional she’s hired to do the job. As unlikely as it is, a romance develops between the two –> “She came into my office wanting me to change her, but instead she changed me.”
  • Enchant by Rachel Van Dyken ($.99) <– standalone prequel to her Eagle Elite series & a NA mafia romance – “Go back to the first part of the story. Where true love tried to conquer all. Where true love…failed.”
  • Foolproof by Jennifer Blackwood ($.99)
  • The Consequences of Sin by K.A. Robinson <— The heroine is an assassin who gets the chance to get a new identity and finally escape from her controlling father. She’s also torn between two loves – her new stripper roommate or her best friend who’s always been there for her. And then her past catches up with her –> “…secrets that she’s fought to keep hidden are revealed, and she’s forced to choose between Reid and the life she could have with him, or Wes, the one man who has always loved her unconditionally. Regardless of her choice, she must learn the consequences of sin.”
  • Wings Over Poppies by J.A. DeRouen <-– NA second chance romance – “…one amazing night, he lets down his walls, only to leave me the next day. Years have passed, and I’ve tried to move on with my life. But I still dream of him. I still miss him everyday. The memories haunt me. How can I look to the future when my past remains a mystery? The time has come to find the boy who stole my heart and ran away without a word…My name is Alexandra Fontaine, and this is my story of unfinished love.” 
  • Serial 3 by Jaden Wilkes & Lily White <– 3rd installment in their dark and erotic thriller series!
  • Hell’s Ink by Nicole Reed <– biker romance companion to Beautiful Ink ($.99).
  • Blurred Lines by Jen McLaughlin <— This one’s a romance between 2 people who’ve been burned by love in the past – him when his fiancé cheats, her when she loses him forever. Just when things might work out, a hidden secret threatens their new relationship –> “…I finally begin to believe in the power of true love again. That is, until I find out who he really is…and by then, it’s far too late to correct the mistakes we’ve already made. By the time we both know the truth, the lines have already been blurred beyond recognition.”
  • Saving You by Kelly Elliot <— This is book 2 in Kelly Elliot’s Love Wanted in Texas series and a second chance romance standalone – “What happens when your head and heart contradict each other regarding the one person you’ve always wanted?”

  • Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas ($2.99) <— This one’s a psychological thriller, “a tale of erotic surrender that explores what happens when all expectations of pleasure and pain are turned upside down, as whips become comfort and chicken soup becomes punishment.” Good one to try if you’re in the mood for something dark!
  • Unafraid by Melody Grace ($.99) <– I really enjoyed this NA romance standalone! The heroine is an infamous bad girl who everyone judges before they really get to know her. The hero is from a wealthy, respected family and the pressure to be perfect is killing him. “A reckless passion. An undeniable bond. Scarred by their pasts, Brit and Hunter fight to heal old wounds…but when love is the biggest risk of all, can they find the courage to face the future unafraid?”
  • Bait by M. Mabie ($.99) <– angst alert!! “I’ll never love anyone like I love him. [She doesn’t love me enough to choose us.] It was the wrong place. [It was the wrong time.] It should have been him. [It will always be her.]”
  • Keatyn Chronicles by Jillian Dodd ($.99) <— All 7 books here!! These are YA romances following the daughter of a famous actress and her self-discovery journey –> “…the girl who seems to have everything isn’t happy with the direction of her life, so she makes a wish on the moon. Follow Keatyn on her journey of discovering what’s really important in life and love in this modern-day epic fairytale. Because, sometimes, wishes do come true.”
  • Nocte by Courtney Cole ($.99) <– first time sale!!! I read and enjoyed this thrilling YA romance last year – my mind was spinning trying to figure out what was going on (here’s my review)
  • Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley ($.99) <– This one’s a biker romance where the newly divorced heroine works at a biker bar and falls for her boss!
  • The Weight of Destiny by Nyrae Dawn ($.99) <– loved this YA romance!! Both the hero and heroine are from different social standings, have totally different life goals, but fall in love with each other nonetheless (here’s my review)
  • Tainted by K.A. Robinson ($.99) <– concludes her Torn series!! Be sure to read the first 2 books as it’s one continuous story
  • Carter Reed by Tijan ($.99) <-– one of my favorites from 2013!! If you’re in the mood for a fast-paced and steamy mafia romance, try this one!
  • Empathy by Ker Dukey ($.99) <– NA dark romance alert! This one’s also a Kindle Countdown deal.
  • Intern serial by Brooke Cumberland ($.99) <— All installments are bundled together and on sale for $.99! This one’s a steamy office romance: “He’s the boss. She’s the intern. Nothing can happen. It’s against the company rules. Then again, rules were made to be broken.”
  • Word Play by Amalie Silver ($.99) <– oooh a romance between a blogger and author!
  • Every Which Way (#1) and Breaking the Wrong (#2) by Calia Read are both $1.99 each!
  • Craving Constellations by Nicole Jacquelyn ($.99) <– first book in the Aces series and a biker romance!
  • The Vixen & the Vet by Katy Regnery ($.99) <— This one’s a modern ‘Beauty & the Beast’ retelling from Katy Regnery. The heroine’s once-promising journalism career is in ruins and as a last resort, decides to do a human interest piece on the hero, a wounded veteran and the town hermit!
  • Becoming His by Mariah Dietz ($.99) <— This one’s a NA second chance romance: “…sometimes a little crazy is exactly what life needs while learning that some chances are worth taking, regardless of the risks. But how do you know when you’ve met the right person? And will they be prepared to experience one of life’s biggest obstacles?”
  • November Blue series by Andrea Randall ($2.99) <— All 5 books bundled together: “Years ago, when November Harris took the stage to sing with musician Bo Cavanaugh, she couldn’t have dreamed that night would be the beginning of forever. Love, loss, family, friends, death, and life tear Bo and Ember apart and struggle to bring them together as they walk their path through the November Blue series…”
  • Thompson Sisters series and Rachel’s Peril trilogy by Charles Sheehan Miles are both $2.99 each! Both bundles have 3 books and they’re emotional, intelligently-written, interconnected NA romance standalones revolving around a group of sisters!
  • Third Degree by Julie Cross ($.99) <– NA romance between a geeky nerd girl and her RA!
  • Whatever Life Throws At You by Julie Cross ($2.99) <– forbidden(ish) sports romance!
  • Golden Hour by Steph Campbell & Liz Reinhardt ($.99) <— sounds right up my alley!! The heroine is an ER nurse who’s engaged to a police officer, but the unthinkable happens when he’s fatally wounded, brought in, and isn’t able to save him. The hero is an ex-vagabond who chooses to clean up his act and enlists in the military forces, but he and others get in a car accident and all his training doesn’t help save his commander. A romance develops between these two people who’ve both experienced loss…
  • Beautiful Ink by Nicole Reed ($.99) <– biker romance!
  • All Lined Up (#1) and All Broke Down (#2) by Cora Carmack are both $.99 each and are must-reads!! These are 2 of the BEST NA romances I’ve ever read and were on my Best Books of 2014 list – witty banter, sweet but steamy romance, and just all around FUN!! If you’re in the mood for a lighthearted, easy read, definitely pick these two up! Here’s my review for book 1 and Here’s my review for book 2. Both are standalones, though I’d recommend reading them in order!
  • Inspire by Cora Carmack ($.99) <– PNR romance and first time sale!
  • Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard ($1.99) <– WOAH super sale alert!! This erotic student/teacher romance is normally over $10, so if you’ve been waiting for a price drop, grab it now!
  • Take Me For Granted by KA Linde ($.99) <– first time sale! This is a NA romance between a lead singer in a popular band and a college student.
  • Rule (#1), Rome (#3), and Rowdy (#5) by Jay Crownover are all $1.99 each!! These are NA romance standalones with bad boy heroes!
  • Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern ($1.99) <– friends-to-lovers romance!! Also, this one’s a movie starring Lily Collins and Sam Claflin
  • Sometimes Moments by Len Webster ($.99) <– sounds like an emotional second chance NA romance! The hero and heroine grew up together since they were kids and they both instinctively knew they were meant to be together. But something happened, and the hero had to move away. 4 years later, they meet again but they’re 2 totally different people –> “He’s not the same boy she once fell in love with. He’s guarded and keeps secrets close to him. Peyton knows her life will begin to unravel.Untold truths will finally come to light. Whether or not Peyton wants to hear it, the truth will undoubtedly break her heart all over again.”
  • Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher ($.99) <– psychological thriller + romance! “When reclusive novelist Senna Richards wakes up on her thirty-third birthday, everything has changed. Caged behind an electrical fence, locked in a house in the middle of the snow, Senna is left to decode the clues to find out why she was taken. If she wants her freedom, she has to take a close look at her past. But, her past has a heartbeat…and her kidnapper is nowhere to be found. With her survival hanging by a thread, Senna soon realizes this is a game. A dangerous one. Only the truth can set her free.”
  • Breaking Nova by Jessica Sorensen ($1.99) <– this one’s a super heavy and emotional NA romance read. Both of the characters were just so broken my heart couldn’t help but crack a little. I read it and 4 star liked it (here’s my review)
  • The Redemption by S.L. Scott ($.99) <– I read this one actually and if you’re in the mood for an ANGSTY love after loss romance with a single mom and a swoony hero, check this one out! It’s a standalone (here’s my review)
  • Fall by Rachel Van Dyken ($.99) <– oooh this sounds really good! The hero is an A-list celebrity forced to lay low in Seaside, Oregon but doesn’t expect the heroine – a pastor’s daughter – knocking on his door, a girl he’s humiliated in the past and is off limits to him!
  • Turning Home by Stephanie Nelson ($.99) <– a reader recommended this one to me! It’s a semi-forbidden NA romance between a sheltered, well-off heroine and the blue-collar bad boy hero.
  • Upon a Midnight Dream (#1), Whispered Music (#2), The Wolf’s Pursuit (#3), and When Ash Falls (#4) by Rachel Van Dyken are all $.99 each! These are interconnected historical romance standalones.
  • Chasing Serenity (#1), Behind the Pitch (#1.5), and Finding Serenity (#2) by Eden Butler are all $.99 each! These are NA sports romances!
  • Fading trilogy by E.K. Blair ($.99) <– all 3 books in one + 2 bonus stories! These are emotional NA romances and each can be read as a standalone. The 2nd one is a M/M romance too
  • Alex by Sawyer Bennett ($.99) <– sports romance standalone! The hero is a cold-hearted hockey player and he falls for the sweet heroine who’s a social worker.
  • Undescribable series by Shantel Tessier ($.99) <– 3 NA romances in one!
  • Hero by Samantha Young <– my last read & new favorite!! This enemies-to-lovers office romance was fun, sexy, and at-times emotional! I really enjoyed it and highly recommend you preorder it so when it releases in a week, you’ll have it on your device ready to read (here’s my review)
  • Second Debt by Pepper Winters <– new release & favorite! You don’t want to miss out on Nila & Jethro’s dark and twisted story (here’s my review)
  • Kyland by Mia Sheridan <– new release! Hmmm…I am clearly in the minority, but this one didn’t work for me. It just had some personal plot devices I wasn’t fond of (here’s my review)
  • Thorns of Rosewood by G.M. Barlean ($.99) <– I took a quick detour from romance and went with a mystery read! Overall a quick, fast and entertaining read (here’s my review)
  • Trade Me by Courtney Milan <– recent release & new favorite! I really loved this NA romance. It was unique (couple pairing), had such whip-smart writing, and both characters were so likeable. I’d recommend it! (here’s my review)
  • Three Brothers by Nicole Williams <– I liked this one, though I still had some issues with it. The best thing about this book is the hero who I’d give 5++++ stars to any day! (here’s my review)
  • The Line Between by Tamsyn Bester <– one of my highly anticipated reads that I unfortunately didn’t love. It seems to be a hit with most readers though, so give it a try if you’re interested (here’s my review)
  • Cartel by Lili St. Germain <– new release and the first book in her prequel series to the wickedly intense and twisted Gypsy Brothers series! I really enjoyed this one and if you’re in the mood for one wild, fast-paced biker read, this one’s a good choice! (here’s my review)
  • The Traveling Man by Jane Harvey Berrick ($.99) <– new release! This book totally wrecked me! It was one emotional rollercoaster I couldn’t get off of (not sure if I even wanted to). I was so conflicted I didn’t know how to rate it…so I didn’t. (here’s my review)
  • Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler <– TOP recommendation and first 5 star read of the year! Just thinking about this book is making my eyes water. I took a chance on this one and I strongly encourage you all to do the same (here’s my review)
  • Falling Away by Penelope Douglas <– the latest in her steamy NA romance series! While I didn’t love it, I did like it, and the heroine’s character growth really impressed me (here’s my review)
  • Dirty Ties by Pam Godwin <– probably one of the steamiest books I’ve ever read!! There’s some suspense and the story smacked me with twists after turn. I liked it, and if you’re in the mood for an erotic romance, try this one! (here’s my review)
  • Holly Lane by J.B. Morgan <– my last few reads were all on the dark and emotional side so I picked up this sweet holiday romance! For the most part I enjoyed it and it was exactly what I was in the mood for. If you’re looking for a straightforward read that’s drama free try this one! (here’s my review)
  • Raze by Tillie Cole <– recommendation for all dark romance fans!! The one and only word to describe this book would be INTENSE. I could not put it down and there’s this hidden layer to the romance that made my heart race! If you’re looking for a book that’s guaranteed to get your heart pumping, try this one  (here’s my review)
  • Sweet Fall by Tillie Cole <– a TOP recommendation!! This NA romance is one of the darkest and emotionally heavy stories I’ve read in a long while, but it was exactly what I was in the mood for. It also made me ugly cry and I’m just blown away by the amount of emotion it evoked….if you’re looking for a standalone romance guaranteed to make you FEEL, try this one! (here’s my review)
  • Dear Emily (#1) and Dear Tabitha (#2) by Trudy Stiles <– TOP recommendation! These books are a blend of realistic women’s fiction with romance and made my heart feel so full…I loved both and being able to read them back to back let me carry my emotions from the first book to the second without delay. BEST kind of reading experience!! Here’s my review for book 1 and here’s my review for book 2. Be sure to read these in order!
  • Extinguish (#1) and Reignite (#2) by JM Darhower <– TOP recommendation!! This 2-book paranormal forbidden romance was unputdownable from the get go and I didn’t want the story to end. I mean, the hero is Lucifer, the Devil! That alone made me pick these up  Here’s my review for book 1 and here’s my review for book 2
  • Amour Amour by Krista & Becca Ritchie <– I really enjoyed this NA romance! This was so unique (setting is in the circus) and the character development was stunning! It truly embodies every aspect of NA and as always, the authors’ writing style is great. Totally recommend (here’s my review)
  • Last Will & Testament by Dahlia Adler <– another favorite! This was such a refreshingly witty NA romance standalone (a little taboo since he’s the heroine’s TA). Totally recommend it (here’s my review)
  • The King by Tiffany Reisz <– TOP recommendation!! For fans of this heavy erotica series, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one! Kingsley is the best  If you’re new to this series, check out the series reading order at the bottom of my review –> (here’s my review).
  • Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn <– TOP recommendation!! This 5 star book rocked my world, 200% unputdownable (here’s my review)
  • Clockwork Angel (#1)Clockwork Prince (#2), and Clockwork Princess (#3) by Cassandra Clare are my ultimate TOP recommendations!! I seriously finished this sensational trilogy and had tears dripping down my face, a pile of tissues discarded on the floor, and food wrappers scattered around me. It was SO emotional, SO intense, SO passionate, and SO good. 6 star series for me!! (here’s my series review) These books must be read in order!