DJI – Drones

I am going to talk about two DJI Drones one is the DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone .

And the other is the DJI Mavic Pro .

Both are great machines as far as I am concerned, one is a lot cheaper then the other but also a bit bigger,

First off let me say I am not a pro to drones what so ever in fact I am very new to drones and up until recently I had never had thought much about drones,

But today is different because I went out with a friend and he has a couple of drones one being the DJI Phantom 3,

Which I was not allowed to even look at ,lol kidding.

Anyways I was introduced to something new something fun, something kind of expensive to me but if I am going to get into it I may as well get the best I can find right, and I am sure there are better ones out there but after seeing this drone in action I was sold and now I am saving my pennies .

So here in this video is the DJI Phantom 3 Satndard Drone.

What do you think ??

You can take movies and photos from any height in the air that you can think of well at least with in range, this drone will follow you anywhere you go which to me is awesome,.

It’s cool looking but one thing still worries me and that would be over water and with my luck I would fly over and it would fall or get wet and ruin the drone and it’s camera.

So I will start small and work my way up to this Drone.

So this drone can give you movie-quality results no matter how you fly with it’s 2.7K HD videos and 12 Megapixel photos you can’t go wrong,

Also you can go up to 25 mins on one battery which I would go 20 mins so I know it would make it back to me in time for landing, so if you pack a few batteries you could have a real fun day.

The DJI Phantom 3 is a few years old but it’s still a great seller and a great Drone for beginners like myself, even though it’s a little pricey .but if your going to do something do it right,.

The one thing I really liked about this was it’s Controller because it’s just like playing a video game and it has a phone holder built onto it,

it’s easy to hold onto and it’s so basic . a child can do it.

It has an app that you can use on your smart phone that shows you what your doing up there in the sky, it also give you a GPS map which I thought was very cool.

This GPS map gives me the confidence I need to navigate through the sky knowing I won’t lose my drone,

And you can enjoy the view of what ever your camera is viewing you can view rite on your app on your phone how cool is that.??

This machine looks awesome and is awesome, the Camera is a little bulky for my taste but until I can become an expert drone pilot then I will just have to deal with the bigger bulkier camera,

So this guy here is ranging just under $500. at $452.00 on if you wanted to go there and check it out and see all their spec’s.

Also available in the UK at

In the UK it’s only $439.00.

Sure 500.00 $$ is a lot of money but not if you are serious and my friend Jack is a serious drone guy, or GURU lo, as he calls it,.

We flew over some trees and before I knew it were on the other side of the lake and people are point up at the drone and waving and it’s soo neat I had to write about what my knew adventure is going to be,

I am a hunter so I am going to use a drone for scoping out the area’s that I hunt just to see if any game is in the area in the off season of course,.

The other Drone I want to tell you about is the DJI MAVIC PRO Which below you will it’s video. enjoy.

Wow this little guy is something else .

I can guarantee that this DJI mavic pro will never be in my hands until I am a bona fide pro flyer because of cost mostly, cause I would love to have one .

I think the whole drone flying world would love to have what ever they wanted, but we have to keep thing real down here on earth.

This drone folds up so small you can take it anywhere you would want to go, any where you can fit a bottle of water you can fit this drone,

the battery lasts a little longer then the Phantom’s battery but only by two minutes, but the flight range is up to 40 mph which is 5 miles an hr faster. which to me I guess id good but I wouldn’t be flying too fast. I like to take my time .

You can see how small it is, but it unfolds and it’s wings carry it high above you at a range of 3+ miles now that’s way up there. or away from you.

Notice the camera is enclosed in what looks like something out of a science fiction movie, I like it, gives me a little more confidence of flying over water.

You can lift off with the touch of a button and land in the same exact spot with that same touch of a button.

The DJI Mavic Pro also has a GPS system and GLONASS which ensures dynamic positioning indoor or out doors.

The price of the Mavic Pro is $932.00 in the us at

While strangely enough it’s $974.00 in the UK at

The other one cost less in the uk which don’t make sense to me but a lot of things don’t lol,.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little review on these two Drones , this is gonna be my new adventure, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.