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    All-New Kindle Oasis E-reader – 7″

    What can I say about this new E-Reader well I can say a lot , it’s truly amazing what amazon has accomplished with this tablet,

    It’s like holding a piece of cardboard in your hands it’s that lite and if you like to read then you are going to love this because it has a bigger display screen then the past one’s coming in at 7″ screen making reading a bit nicer .

    It’s like reading your morning newspaper not having to tilt it any certain way to get away from that god awful glare, that’s right no more glare,

    They have given us a 7″ display screen with a 300 PPI display (pixels per inch) which is glare free and so inviting to read , it also has an aluminum back which makes it extremely lite and easy to handle.

    The all New Kindle OASIS Now with audible so you can download your favorite audiobooks and listen to them anywhere you want when paired with your Bluetooth head set. like the one displayed below which is from amazon as well.

    Take advantage of reading anywhere you want and I mean anywhere because the one problem I seem to have is water or liquid in general, it seems to be no matter where I am some kind of liquid seeks me out and finds me.

    And it always somehow destroys my new toys weather it be my laptop or cell phone or what ever it is at the time.

    well not anymore because the All-New Kindle Oasis 7″ is Waterproof, that’s right people , I think it’s the best new feature of all of them and it has a lot of new features.

    This is awesome.!!! I am however reluctant to dip it in water like that cause with my luck the water will find it’s way in,

    Just because they say it is doesn’t mean I have to try to prove them wrong I will take they’re word and be happy when the accident happens and it is safe .

    Another feature I now love is the ability to Not have glare,

    Glare is so annoying having to reposition your screen so the lite don’t blind you and then you get glare from what seems to be every angle in the room your in, well not anymore,

    This all-new Kindle Oasis 7″ has no glare. it’s like looking at a page in a book and as easy to read as just that, like picking up a newspaper, it’s that easy on the eyes as well,

    It also has new page turn buttons making turning pages simple and new lighting so you can read into the night with out stress on your eyes,

    As you can see above the new slick design the battery is built into the oasis and now you can read for weeks not hours, the back is aluminum, the front is a new cover glass which is supposed to be the strongest to date,. I don’t want to test that one out either, I will take they’re word for it.

    The Kindle Oasis 7″ comes with 8GB of storage but you can get the 32GB if that’s what you need, I’m good with the 8GB I always delete after I read so there not a lot of space taken up unless it’s a really good read then I may keep it for a while just to reference back to from time to time.

    Get instant access to thousands and thousands new releases and bestsellers at $2.99 or less and If you are a Prime member like I am the you can get unlimited access to over a thousand titles and read free .

    Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

    So what have we learned today about the All – New Kindle Oasis 7″ is the battery will last for weeks instead of hours, which is awesome,

    It has a bigger Glare free 7″ display which is really nice on the eyes.

    It has new lighting to make reading in the dark much easier,

    It is Waterproof which to me is the best upgrade of all,.

    It’s lite weight and fits into your hand comfortably .

    It has 8GB of storage on the regular Oasis but you can get up to 32GB of storage,

    You can now listen to audiobooks using the speaker or your own amazon kindle Bluetooth headset.

    And last but not least the price, well the price is a bit more but I Think it’s well worth what you are getting, the price is not as much as the new iPhone ten but it’s still coming in at $249.00.

    Did I fail to mention that amazon has a kindle oasis charging case that you can get for your kindle as well, oh yeah it’s true it’s darn true. lol.

    This is by far the best Kindle you will ever experience it reads like a book but it’s a book with endless titles which is perfect for your kids because it’s not Video game time it’s book time your kids will love you for it, check out this video below . from c/net.

    You can find the all – new kindle oasis at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

    I will wrap this up by saying Thank You for reading my post of the All – New Kindle Oasis 7″ and I Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.