I’ve broken him, bent him, and burned him, and each fevered moment was worth every ounce of pain. 
Auburn Lawrence has loved her English teacher, Reed West, since she was fourteen. Through brainstorming stories, reading classic literature, and plenty of fiery banter, they’ve forged a bond that neither of them expected.
Propelled by a chance encounter after her graduation, they discover just how deep their connection runs, but love requires more than chemistry to flourish. They spend three electrifying summer months discovering each other under a veil of forbidden passion and desperate lust before they learn that the unattainable is often destined to remain exactly that.
By the time temperatures dip and snowflakes fly, their relationship will face a deep freeze that threatens to snap the bond they thought they shared, shattering their lives one secret at a time.

‘The Inspiration for Beautiful Burn’
Beautiful Burn is actually a very personal story, one that’s been in my head for a while but I was very hesitant to write. I’m glad I was finally able to write it—I learned so much about myself, love, life, marriage.
Without revealing too much, the book deals with forbidden romance…the student/teacher taboo, and the repercussions of that forbidden love.
I love student/teacher stories and coupled with my tendency to crush on my English professors, it was a natural progression! Much of Beautiful Burn is taken directly from my life in some form or another, I just won’t say which parts
TOP 5 books your HEROINE loves best and why
You’re terrible for asking a book nerd to choose favorites!
Auburn’s Top 5: 
1. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov…Humbert is a total perv, but the emotional dissolution is fascinating.
2. Bang by EK Blair…because Nina is bad ass and on some level I want to be just like her. Minus the crazy part.
3. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald…*sigh* Unrequited love. Classic.
4. Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard…taboo romance, history, travel, what’s not to
5. Anything Tiffany Reisz has ever written. Intellectual erotica? I can’t get enough.
TOP Ten Things I’ve Learned Since I Started Writing
Believe in your story.
Write every day, no matter how long, no matter how bad the words.
Hire an editor.
Hire a professional cover designer.
Emotion is what connects the writer and the reader.
Too much sex can be a bad thing! In books, in books
Accomplishment happens one step at a time.
Step away from the story for a while.
Avoid cliches, adverbs, repetition, and excessive inner monologue.
Drinking helps.
TOP Five Things You Wouldn’t Know About Me 
I hate peas.
I watch Dateline obsessively.
I’ve got some chickens. Real ones. That lay eggs
I share ancestors with Sean Connery and Clint Eastwood.
I really hate peas.

Adriane Leigh was born and raised in a snowbank in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and now lives amongst the sand dunes of the Lake Michigan lakeshore.
She graduated with a Literature degree but never particularly enjoyed reading Shakespeare or Chaucer. Adriane is married to a tall, dark and handsome guy, plays mama to two sweet baby girls, and is a voracious reader and knitter.