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    Sometimes You Have to Stand Up for What You Know Will Be Great

    My parents and my husband’s parents are very conservative when it comes to tradition. My husband and I are very much the opposite. When we were planning our wedding, both of our mothers did their best to try to take over our wedding plans. My husband and I quickly put a stop to that. For example, we wanted to do something less traditional that fits our personalities. We had our hearts set on an old-fashioned circus theme, and we also wanted to hire Neb Magician in London for our wedding reception after we had seen him do an amazing performance on a television show.

    My mother was taken aback when I told her about the plan for our wedding reception. She really wanted us to have the event at the local country club. The thought of a celebration at a stuffy club sounded downright boring to me. Then, my husband’s mom was upset when she learned that we would be holding the actual ceremony outdoors instead of inside a traditional church.

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    Ordering Invitations Proved to Be Easy

    I knew that I wanted to order the invitations to my wedding from an online retailer. There are a few printers in town who provide this type of service, but I also knew that their prices were quite high. I had been comparing prices to get the best deal, which is how I knew that ordering from https://www.brideandgroomdirect.co.uk/wedding-invitations was the best deal for me. I wanted to save as much money on my wedding as possible so we could spend any extra in our budget on the honeymoon, but I did not want to compromise any quality in the process.

    Bride and Groom Direct has a very large assortment of invitation styles, and I thought it would be easy to just go on and pick out a nice design.